Description of what services we offer

Specializing in: Family Law Issues

Your Children

  • Custody, including access to information and decision making regarding your children

  • Access and parenting schedules, including supervised access

  • Rights of Grandparents 

  • Adoption

Your Property

  • Property division and the equalization of net family property

  • Exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and occupation rent

Your Financial Security

  • Child support and the sharing of expenses (sometimes called "special and extraordinary expenses")

  • Spousal support

  • Arrears of support and/or retroactive support applications

Your Safety

  • Exclusive possession of the matrimonial home

  • Restraining Orders

Your Future

  • Varying existing court Orders and agreements ("Motions to Modify")

  • International travel with children following separation

  • Moving with children following separation

Dispute Resolution Options

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Court proceedings

  • Collaborative Family Law

  • Negotiations

Domestic Contracts and Agreements

  • Independent Legal Advice

  • Separation Agreements

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Marriage Contracts (sometimes called "prenups", "prenuptial agreements", "postnups" or "postnupital agreements")

Uncontested Divorces

  • Preparing, serving and filing divorce papers where the parties agree to the divorce

Wills and Estates

  • Preparation of Wills
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney for Health (also known as a "LIving Will")
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney for Property

Retainer Options

We are able to assist you in various ways, including advising you on completing court documents and the court process if you wish to represent yourself, providing independent legal advice with respect to agreements and mediation, assisting you with negotiating a settlement, drafting agreements, and representing you in court.  Tabitha has appeared in court on numerous occasions, including for Conferences, Motions and Trials.

Notary and Commissioning Services

I am a Notary and a Commissioner of Oaths.  I am available to commission or notarize your signature, prepare notarized copies, and to assist with statutory declarations, including with respect to passport applications and other government forms.  Please note that you will be required to make an appointment for these services and to provide proof of your identity.








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